Deliverability is the most important factor to consider when sending out email marketing. Having spent time creating your campaign you want to make sure your recipients are receiving your promotion/information.

ebull has a 99% delivery rate, which is achieved in several ways:


ISP Relationships
In order to keep deliverability to an optimum level ebull has relationships with major web providers e.g. AOL, MSN, Yahoo and Hotmail.


IP Segmentation
ebull keep the reputation of IP addresses high by having a recognised sending habit. This is done by placing users with similar sending habits together in their own IP address.


Feedback Loops
Keeping strong relationships with major web providers is key. ebull maintains this by having feedback loops installed to ensure that any reports of spam or abuse by any customer is dealt with quickly to maintain high deliverability rates.


CAN-SPAM Act 2003
CAN-SPAM establishes provisions for those who send bulk email, ebull is CAN-SPAM compliant and ensure all users are also compliant.