Tips for successful email marketing

  • Use personalisation for added attention
  • Keep subject lines short
  • Keep the formatting simples and easy on the eye
  • Ask subscribers to add your address to their “safe list” or “white list” of approved email senders
  • Create a clear "call to action" make sure recipients know what you expect them
    to do
  • List content/topics so they are seen at the top of the page
  • Keep message size between 20k and 50k as the majority of spam emails weigh in at less than 20k
  • Make sure it is easy for people to unsubscribe and remove themselves from your distribution list.
  • Tone of the email should be friendly, helpful and informative
  • Include your company name
  • Highlight the benefit of your offer in the subject line
  • Consider reminding the recipient that they requested this newsletter/information. This can be done in the “subject” field, to encourage them to read the email
  • Become a member of the Internet Service Provider feedback loops
  • Run your email through a mail filter before sending the campaign
  • Use a signature, spam filters appreciate this and will give you credit points.