We will design a template especially for your email requirements. Whether you are creating an email for members, clients or prospects ebull can help you strengthen this relationship. Once you have access to the tool and the template via a secure login area you can easily and instantly customise your email and broadcast them.


Within the Templates there are editable areas you can select and change such as contact details, logo and main body of the message.


Create and send instantly


ebull gives you the power to effectively promote your business while keeping your brand consistency.


By bringing the campaign process online, new campaigns can be put into effect within minutes rather than months. This allows you to respond quickly to market changes and competitor activity, while providing real value to your business.

How does it work?

ebull is accessed via the internet, you can log in 24/7 from any PC with internet access. ebull will provide you with the tools to create and design email templates, strengthen relationships with readers, manage databases and track results.


Creating the email
ebull will design you an email template branded to your company guidelines. An initial email template will be designed with flexibility in mind so you can easily edit and tailor the template to meet your specific campaign requirements.


Database Management
ebull gives you the flexibility to import databases, individual addresses and update contacts when necessary. ebull automatically updates un-subscribes, de-duping and bounce backs.


Analyse your campaign
Its important to understand what happens to the email once it has left the outbox. ebull allows you to see campaign statistics from overall to individual details, including opens, click throughs, emails forward, delivery and much more.


ebull will ensure you have the maximum number of emails delivered through firewalls and spam filters, in the correct format. At the centre of your marketing activities is the ability to measure you ROI and ebull has the tools to achieve this.


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